Saturday, March 17, 2012

Yee-Ha! Okie Republicans Go Ga-Ga over Guns

In their on-going efforts to turn Oklahoma into a Bright Red Conservative Paradise, state Republicans have scored another gun victory.

This week, the state senate passed an open carry bill that will allow citizens to openly carry firearms. The bill's sponsor, Sen. Anthony Sykes of Moore, said the law works well in other states. "They are doing fine," Sykes told the Tulsa World.

We are not reassured. Nor should anyone else be reassured.

No, Sooner fans, this is more GOP pandering to the NRA and gun lobby.

Democratic Sen. Jim Wilson of Tahlequah has it right. He pointed out that the law will put more guns in public in the hands of amateurs, some of whom will be "trying to intimidate people."


But logic and common sense are no help in our Red State Paradise. Our Republican leaders are far more wedded to the right-wing agenda and than they are to the safety of Oklahoma citizens.


Anonymous said...

Bout time politicicans give us a way to finally fight the stupid dems... Yea repubs.. great job..

Anonymous said...

Well not being a republican myself, I don't see the problem.