Sunday, March 25, 2012

Newt Loses Again: Gingrich Finishes a Distant Third in Louisiana

Destiny's heroic political leader—America's Great Visionary and Ultimate Savior—has failed again. 

Yes, Sooner fans, Newt Gingrich finished a distant third in Saturday's Louisiana GOP primary, well behind that faux conservative Mitt ("Secret Liberal") Romney. Rick Santorum won the day with 49 percent of the vote, well ahead of Romney's 26 percent and Gingrich's 17 percent.

This result, mind you, was in the Deep South, where Gingrich should have been competitive. The fact that he wasn't is a sign of how far his fortunes have fallen.

Gingrich once topped the polls in Oklahoma, but he couldn't beat Santorum in the Sooner state. 

As we have been saying for weeks, Newt is history. He never had a realistic chance at the Republican nomination and he will never be president.

But Newt, being Newt, certainly won't go away quietly. Oh no. With an ego the size of Georgia and an unending supply of half-baked ideas, he'll be around for years. Unfortunately.

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