Saturday, March 3, 2012

The Incredible Shrinking Newt: Gingrich Fading Fast

Not all that long ago, Newt Gingrich was riding high among Oklahoma Republicans. If memory serves, he was the top choice of 33 percent of the state's GOP voters in December.

No more. Newt is now polling third behind Mitt (Mr. Moneybags) Romney, and Rick (I'm holier than you!) Santorum. 

Newt's cavalry—J.C. Watts and Herman Cain—will be riding into Tulsa Monday to save the day, but we suspect is too little too late for Gingrich.

Newt peaked in the South Carolina primary and his fortunes have fallen ever since. After his ill-advised space pandering in Florida (a cool new moon base, anyone?), the former U.S. House speaker has had a hard time being taken seriously.

Plus, there's the whole ethical mess from Newt's last days in the House, not to mention the business of his two divorces and three—count 'em!—marriages. Oh, wait, we forgot to mention Callista, who is, ah, just a few years younger than good ole Newt. (Twenty-three years, to be exact.)

If we were the betting type, we'd put our Sooner dollars on Santorum in Tuesday's primary election. After all, he's got the winning Oklahoma trifecta down cold—God, guns and gays. Yee-ha!  

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