Friday, March 2, 2012

Art Break: Susan Stamberg Reports on Richard Diebenkorn, California Abstract Painter

 The AltTulsa crew appreciates a variety of culture pursuits, including such rarefied pleasures as poetry (heavens!), literary novels (oh my!) and painting (really?).

We're even interested in—dare we say it?—abstract painting. You know what we're talking about, those canvasses covered in lines and shapes and squiggles and such, the stuff "regular" people love to ridicule.

With that warning, then, let's proceed to today's art break, a story on Morning Edition by one of our favorite NPR reporters, Susan Stamberg. Ms. Stamberg's story this morning was about the paintings of Richard Diebenkorn.

No, we had not heard of him either, but we listened to Ms. Stamberg and, with an open mind, took a look at his work, which he began in the 1960s. It's soft in color, and geometric, not exactly what we were expecting.

Diebenkorn may not be everyone's cup of tea, but the paintings we saw began to grow on us. Listen to Stamberg's story (and see some of his paintings) by clicking here.

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