Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Another Tuesday, Another Newt Primary Flop

Newt Gingrich is nothing if not egotistical. He's confidently predicted—more than once—that he will win the Republican nomination. No matter that he's only won two states, South Carolina and his home state of Georgia.

Tonight, Newt is flopping again. In the Deep South states of Alabama and Mississippi, both of which had their primaries today, Newt is losing.

Yes, it's still early. But it looks like Newt can't—and won't—pull off a convincing win in the South. It's another nail in Gingrich's political coffin.

Let's face it, Sooner fans, Newt is history. He couldn't win Oklahoma (Saint Santorum of Pennslyvania won handily) and he can't even manage a big win in the Very Red States like Alabama and Mississippi.

Bye-bye, Newt. People aren't buying the horse hockey you are selling.

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Tulsan said...

As long as Newt's pet billionaire keeps slipping him the cash, he has no reason to stop. Free self-promotion and ego-boost.

That's good news for Romney, Newt will keep the crazy-a$$ right vote split.