Monday, January 9, 2012

Urban Tulsa Weekly's Bogus Hot 100: Gotta Love the Boss!

Yes, sports fans, it's a new year and time for another installment of Urban Tulsa Weekly's "Hot 100," a list purported to be local "up-and-comers." 

Or so they claim. Let's say, for the sake of accuracy, that the list includes both hits and misses.

One major miss is the inclusion of—you guessed it!—UTW publisher Keith Skrzpyczak. According to his own paper, the man is—hyperbole alert!—"quirky, inquisitive, opinionated, off-the-beaten-path, brilliant, and a little on the wild side."

Wow! We're impressed. Or not. After all, this is Skrzypcak's paper and this description was written by his very own employees, not exactly an impartial bunch.

Imagine the howls of derision that UTW would unleash on the Tulsa World if they plugged a member of the Lorton family as one of Tulsa's gifts to local journalism. And they'd be right to point out the incestuous nature of such a story.

To be fair, we're confident that Skrzypcak has many fine qualities. He may even be almost as great as his employees think he is.

But pardon us—and more than a few Tulsa readers—for declining to burnish Keith's halo.

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