Friday, January 6, 2012

Dining at the Global Table: Local Food Blog Makes a Splash

The AltTulsa gang loves to eat, so we were pleasantly surprised to hear Tulsa food blogger Sasha Martin today on the radio program Travel with Rick Steves (thanks, KWGS!).

We're not sure how we managed to miss Sasha's blog for so long, but let's make up for it now by saying it plainly: This is creative cooking at its best and Sasha's website is well worth a look.

For 2012, we'd like to spend more time doing what Sasha Martin does: cooking interesting food from across the world. Oh, and enjoying it too.

Check out Global Table Adventures by Sasha Martin. A link to her website is here.

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Eliotseats said...

Thanks for leading me to Sasha's site!