Sunday, January 29, 2012

Newt-mentum! Tulsa Republicans Like Gingrich, Mostly

Good ole Newt Gingrich—the gift that keeps on giving. Didya hear about his moon colony idea? Winning!

But seriously, Sooner fans, Gingrich was the favorite Republican presidential hopeful in a focus group of 11 GOP voters held in Tulsa three days after his victory in South Carolina.

As reported in today's Tulsa World, Gingrich was the choice of four voters, while Mitt Romney got two votes and Ron Paul and Rick Santorum got one each. Three voters were undecided, the World reported, and one Romney supporter was leaning to Gingrich. (Read the World story here.)

Herman Cain—remember him?—also garnered some support in the group, despite his suspended campaign. This being conservative Tulsa, one voter was still pining for Michele Bachmann, another causality of the GOP primaries.

Obviously, a group this small does not accurately represent all Tulsa County Republican voters. In addition, the results have probably shifted due to the Florida campaign this week, which shows Romney up and Gingrich down.

Gingrich may have peaked in South Carolina. After his pandering to the so-called Space Coast in Florida with his moon colony idea—a 51st state, anyone?his slide in the polls is not a surprise. 

Most comforting for those of us on the other end of the political spectrum was the disillusion of the Tulsa Republicans. One voter told the World that the GOP field was akin to the Keystone Kops and the Marx brothers. 

To which we say, Amen, Brother.

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