Friday, January 13, 2012

Oklahoma Economy Looks Up; Thanks, Mr. President

The Tulsa World reported this week that state tax revenues are up—way up. In December, general revenue collections were up 19.3 percent.

And for this, we'd like to say "Thank you, President Obama."

The Very Red Oklahoma, the Republicans are unwilling to share the credit with that horrible socialist, anti-American Muslim named Barack Obama.

On no. Gov. Mary Fallin wants all the credit. It's her pro-growth policies that are fueling the state's recovery, she told the World.

Such a claim ignores global economic forces as well as national economic trends, many of which have been—gasp!—positive.

While the state and national GOP has been whining for three years, it turns out that many of the president's economic policies have worked. Things are much, much better than the bad old days of 2008, when George W. Bush was presiding over (and that's being generous) a major economic collapse.

No, the recovery isn't complete nor are all the signs good. Yet prospects are improving, as the tax figures show.

The fact is that Oklahoma is part of both a national and global economic system. If we are improving, some of the credit goes to the president's leadership in Washington.

But don't expect Oklahoma Republicans to say that. They're too busy whining.

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