Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Recalling the Shrinking Bush Legacy

Wayne Slater, a long-time Texas political observer and columnist for the Dallas Morning News, has done the nation a favor this election year by pointing out the disappearance of George W. Bush. 

That's right, sports fans, good ole W has completely disappeared from the GOP firmament, despite the fact that he is the most recent Republican president, wildly popular in places like Oklahoma. 

Reporting from New Hampshire, Slater explains Bush's political absence by citing GOP voters unwilling to "embrace the Texan's legacy of budget deficits, billion-dollar wars and domestic policies that didn't pass muster with conservatives."

One voter put it this way: "Do I think he was a great president? No." 

Such a sentiment will get no argument here. As long-time AT readers can attest, we have long been critical of Bush and his domestic and foreign policy agenda, especially his ill-fated decision to invade Iraq.

Slater has it right: "The government spending, growing debt and economic collapse that attended Bush's departure is not eactly something Republican candidates want to talk about…."

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