Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Tulsa Is No. 1 in (Yikes!) Booze

That's right, Tulsa boozers! We're Number 1 in Oklahoma.

We referring to a Tulsa World analysis that revealed Tulsa County's first-in-Oklahoma ranking "for retail liquor stores' per capita sales." 

If we understand it correctly, this means Tulsa County residents spend more on liquor, wine and strong beer than any other county on a per capita basis. Tulsa County, the World reports, spent about $16.50 per resident on alcohol, while second-ranked Oklahoma County came in at $13.92 per resident. 

Whoo! Tulsans drink better booze than those those Cowtown Rednecks at the other end of the Turner Turnpike.

The good news in these numbers is the millions of dollars in tax revenue generated by liquor sales. On the down side, no one can claim that alcohol abuse is not a serious problem in Tulsa and elsewhere in Oklahoma.

Incidentally,  the World published their page-one analysis on New Year's eve, just above an ad for the River Spirit Casino's Visions Champagne Buffet. Cheers!

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I'll drink to that!