Wednesday, December 1, 2010

States with the Lowest Divorce Rates: Massachusetts, Yes! (Oklahoma, No!)

Oklahoma's conservative politicians like boast about the Sooner state's traditional values—it's all "sweetness and light" out here on the prairies. (Recently guilty: Republicans Mary Fallin, Scott Pruitt, Randy Brogdon.)

That's a myth, of course, since the facts don't bear out those family values people always want to crow about.

Today's telling example: the state's divorce rate, which is, in fact, high. Yes, Sooner fans, Oklahoma is the state with the seventh highest divorce rate. (Thank goodness for Arkansas, which is even higher.)

The state with the lowest divorce rate is—wait for it—Massachusetts, arguably the nation's most liberal state. The list of the low divorce states, with a link to the high ones, is here.

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Tulsan said...

Surprise, surprise.

Isn't it time again for that Yuletide favorite, The War On Christmas? Surely Beck can make up some more stuff this year.