Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Jim Inhofe: Cultural Warrior—or Big Baby?

Since we all know that Christmas is under attack by secularists all over Oklahoma (!), we are pleased to report that "Oklahoma Jim"—Tulsa's own invincible (and self-appointed) Christian war horse, is on the job.

We can all sleep well tonight!

We're refering, of course, to Inhofe's declaration that he will boycott the Tulsa Christmas Parade—oh wait, it's now the Secularist-Humanist Winter Carnival and Gay Orgy (Ha!)—because it no longer has "Christmas" in the title.

Officially, it's the Holiday Parade of Lights—a name that includes our Jewish friends as well as friends of other faiths—but that's an affront to Inhofe's oh-so-tender religious faith.

This is one of Inhofe's "Christianity correct" gimmicks, one that makes the state a laughing stock in the rest of the nation.

To wit: Steve Benen, writing in the (highly anti-Christian, apparently) Washington Monthly:
Have you noticed that a few too many powerful federal officials appear to have the maturity and temperament of small children?

What's more, Right Wing Watch added, "Inhofe's involvement in the annual "War on Christmas" demagoguery should not be a surprise, as he is one of the Senate's most prominent culture warriors and even said that he tries to use his status as a Senator to convert people to Christianity."


Tulsan said...

Jim Inhofe: Cultural Warrior—or Big Baby?

Can't he be both?

Tulsan said...

Here's an idea: let there be a float for any faith or lack of that wants one: Secularist-Humanist, Buddhist, Muslim, Hindu, etc. Inhofe can be the skipper of the Christian float.

Hope he does a better job piloting it than he did his plane recently when he scared the holy water out of a ground crew.

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