Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The Gun Ban that Never Was: Fear-mongering Runs Out of Steam

Remember the right-wing hysteria over Obama's "gun grabber" policies, the claim that his administration would take firearms away from all us good ole boys and girls?

Buy your guns now, citizens, before the liberal put a stop to private ownership of firearms.

Even if you don't recall these claims, this baloney was a favorite anti-Obama meme among conservatives and the NRA. "Obama is coming for our guns," they said, over and over again in one form or another.

Now, two years into the Obama Administration—surprise!—there's no gun grabbing going on, not a bit. Turns out, this bit of nonsense was whipped up by the gun nuts and conservatives as a part of the misinformation and hyperbole over a Democrat winning the White House.

The misinformation campaign continues, of course, but the gun grabbing has, well, fizzled. As have gun sales, since the public has grown increasingly weary of the right's scare tactics.

Read about declining gun sales here: The end of the Obama firearm "surge".


Man of the West said...

...the public has tired of the right's scare tactics.

Oh, for sure. Everybody's gotten tired of them. Back in November, the public sure let us know! What a thumping the right took! Darned ol' scare tactics! They'll get us beat every time!

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Tulsan said...

Yeah, since we are so un-tired of the GOP's scare tactics, we're about to see McConnell and company try the old government shutdown ruse again.

Didn't work out so well for them in the Clinton era, but hope springs eternal in the Republican breast (oops, Republicans don't like the word "breast" so close to "Republican," at least publicly.)

I saw an interesting poll yesterday. The Washington Post/ABC News poll reported that 53% of those surveyed said they trusted Obama more than Republicans to steer the country, versus 48% who said they trusted Republicans more.

Will the GOP pull off a shutdown and blame the Democrats successfully this time around? Or did Bill Clinton just teach Obama some of his Road Runner tactics to pull on Wile E. McConnell?

Sceeeeeeeeerrrrrrrr... splat.

Tulsan said...

As with the gov't shutdown trick, if the gun scare was a dud this time, they'll bag it and pull it out again another day. Just like their perennial favorite, The War On Christmas (snicker.)