Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Oklahoma's Uphill Battle over Sharia Law Ban

The Great State of Oklahoma will be spending its precious resources next year defending the voter-approved ban on sharia law. From what we can tell, this is likely to be a losing legal battle.

As USA Today recently reported, constitutional law expert at the University of California-Irvine, Edwin Chemerinsky, says "the Oklahoma law won't stand because it discriminates against one religion and violates the requirement for 'full faith and credit' which requires Oklahoma courts to enforce judgments from other states and countries."

Moreover, as Randall Coyne, constitutional law expert at OU points out, "There's no risk of Oklahoma falling under the sway of sharia law or any other law other than American law for that matter. It's fear mongering at its worst."

Imagine that—the Republicans fear mongering in the Sooner state.


Tulsan said...

Now just you wait a minute, AT. Those southeast Oklahoma lesbians Sen. Coburn warned us about are still at large. We need a law against them, too.

Alternative Tulsa said...

Dang it! We forgot all about those lesbians in Little Dixie, some of whom are probably Muslim, or Buddhist or something like that.