Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Don't Tell Inhofe: GOP Leader Hosting Festivus Party (Oh the Horror!)

Since Tulsa's own Jim Inhofe is convinced that the forces of political correctness have hijacked Christmas in Oklahoma, it may come as a surprise to the senator that other Republicans are doing their part to undermine the holiday. 

Take Rep. Eric Cantorplease. Cantor is hosting a non-Christmas holiday party. As far as we can tell, this Festivus party doesn't detract from Christmas in the least, even though Inhofe (and Fox News) would have us believe otherwise.
In what may been seen as another salvo in the War on Christmas, Rep. Eric Cantor (R-VA) is hosting a fundraiser in honor of Festivus, the satirical holiday created by the TV program “Seinfeld.” Cantor and his supporters will “air the year’s grievances and perform the feats of strength, both important parts of Festivus, a grumpy, anti-consumerist holiday popularized by Frank Costanza.”

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Tulsan said...

Cantor seems to have forgotten that Republicans suck at humor. Hate radio is their forte. They should stick to it.