Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Coburn Blasted by (Gasp!) Fox News Anchor over September 11 First Responder Bill

Oklahoma Sen. Tom Coburn is once again putting principle above people. Coburn, an unabashed budget hawk, has been criticized for blocking a bill—one that is paid for!—to provide health care to the September 11 first responders. 

Coburn's opposition is so cynical that it has come under fire from Shep Smith at Fox News, an organization usually happy to stand up for right-wing ideas. But not this time.

To repeat, the cost of this bill is covered by closing some significant corporate tax loopholes. (Not surprisingly, the wonderful humanitarians at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce are fighting the bill too.)

Given the rising opposition from Fox's Smith and other pundits, Coburn appears to be fighting a losing battle, one he would do well to give up. The story, with Fox News video, is here.

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