Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Puncturing Another Manufactured Myth: Press Snubs Bush, Honors Obama—or Not

Down the Turner Turnpike in our beautiful capital city, political blogger Mike McCarville stays busy working the beat.

Too bad some of his stories don't pan out.

The latest case in point is a Politico story, repeated on McCarville's site, on the White House press corps. According to the report, reporters stand when President Obama walks into the room, but failed to do so for President Bush.

We knew it! Those white wine sippin' Ivy League reporters are flaunting their liberal, commie bias!

If only the facts didn't get in the way. Alas, facts count and oversimplified and simple-minded cheap shots are, well, wrong.

Ignore Politico. Read the real story here.


Tulsan said...

Just the latest disinformation tactic from the GOP.

I read The Politico during the last campaign. I don't have much respect for their reporting.

Tulsan said...

Our buddy McCarville also reports that GOP State Senator Randy Brogdon has raised a measly $22,700 so far in his gubernatorial quest.

Can't believe his support of the Ten Commandments monument bill isn't bringing him the love.

Wait, there's more from Okie Dopey:

"But Brogdon, a fellow traveler of the John Birch Society, wasn’t through with his theological blundering. Asked which version of the Commandments would be posted on the monument, the senator gave a truly unique answer.

"'Probably an Oklahoma version, I imagine,' said the Sage of Owasso. 'something that would suit us.'"

Now how could he possibly fail?

Anonymous said...

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