Sunday, May 10, 2009

It's BatesDay 3.0: Remembering Michael's Factually Challenged Urban Tulsa Column

Today is the three-month anniversary of Michael Bates' February 10 "To whom it may concern" letter, the one in which Bates "set the record straight" about his factually challenged Urban Tulsa Weekly column.

You know the column. It's the one published in January in which Bates made a number of charges about the Tulsa World and its circulation figures. The World promptly sued and UTW soon retreated. So did Bates, but it took him a few weeks longer.

For the record, here's some of what UTW publisher Keith Skrzypczak wrote in his letter to readers in January:
We now understand that information in Michale D. Bates' column about the Tulsa World's circulation numbers and audits was incorrect.

Further, Urban Tulsa Weekly has no reason to suspect or suggest that the Tulsa World's circulation figures were inflated. We regret and retract that suggestion.
Not matter how you slice it, this wasn't exactly a ringing endorsement of Bates and his UTW column.


Trey said...

Oh look, it is the two-month anniversary of the first of these asinine posts of yours.

Seriously, I enjoy most of your posts, but what is with the repeated toolishness directed at Bates? Give it up already.

Tulsan said...

Wait a minute, is "Trey" really "Man of the West?" How did you beat me to the punch?

Gotta credit Bates with being like the Energizer Bunny: he just keeps beating that drum with his "right wing," no matter how embarrassing the "battery" inflicted on him (or self-inflicted.)

Anonymous said...

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