Thursday, May 14, 2009

McCain's Mom Slams Rush Limbaugh


Tulsan said...

Can McCain make his mom apologize?

Man of the West said...

Of course, at this point, the only people in the GOP who give a flying Mongolian you-know-what about what either John McCain or his relatives think are the people who managed to get him nominated despite roughly two-thirds of the Republican Party in vast swaths of the country not wanting him.

Having just watch him lose to an untested first-term senator who nevertheless managed to compile an astonishingly liberal voting record, an election that should have resulted in the Democrat candidate being wiped all over the floor, these nitwits now propose that the GOP needs more of the same!

Nobody's listening to them. Nobody that wasn't already with them, that is.

No question, there is a deepening split within the Republican Party. There are a huge number of Republicans who would say, as I do, "Who bloody well cares what John McCain or his mom think?"

With as little disrespect toward Mrs. McCain as is possible under the circumstances.

Tulsan said...

Maybe she'll get a Limbaugh apology pass, then.

Tulsan said...

From TPM today:

"A new Rasmussen poll finds that only 37% of Republican voters think the party has no clear leader, a definite improvement from a 68% figure two months ago. But there's a catch: There's no agreement on who the party's clear leader actually is.

"John McCain comes in first place among possible leaders at 18%, followed by Michael Steele with 14%, Sarah Palin on 10%, Mitt Romney at 8%, Rush Limbaugh with 6%, and Dick Cheney at 4%."

Among that group, McCain looks like a giant.

Tulsan said...

No, she didn't get a pass after all. Limbaugh:

"She is absolutely right in her assessment that that she belongs to a different Republican Party than he does. The Republican Party she belongs to gets shellacked election after election after election."

Americablog comments:

--Actually, the Republicans only lost the last two elections. Before that, they controlled the entire US government, all three branches. And just until 4 months ago, they controlled the presidency. This is the Republican victim mentality in its full glory.

--They put toadies into gov't positions, like Mike Brown at FEMA, They put all this effort to please the far right with Terri Schiavo. They refuse to put the brakes on home loans lending, and ignore the blooming federal budget deficits. They thought they could win federal elections by just getting fundamentalist christians to the polls. They took for granted the support of Independents, who were incredibly pissed off over the Iraq War.

--The Republicans will be back in power, but it isn't going anytime soon. They have to learn to govern, which means making deals, compromising, and having the moderates have a bigger say on strategy and policy.

In short, they need to be something they aren't, and won't be for a long time.

The slow-witted networks, which still give a preponderance of air time to GOP mouthpieces, will finally catch on that things have changed, and then the GOP's road back will become doubly difficult.

Tulsan said...

McCain's mom aside, why hasn't Limbaugh taken on Wanda Sykes? Didn't she provoke him enough?

She said Rush was supposed to be the "20th hijacker, but he was so strung out on OxyContin, he missed his flight."

Responding to Limbaugh's comment that he hoped Obama fails, Sykes said she hoped "his kidneys fail."

Sykes concluded by suggesting he "needs a good waterboarding."

Not funny material, but it couldn't be more pointed. The humor lies in her audacity to smack Rush around so brutally in front of the WH correspondents.

Is Rush frightened of a black lesbian? Can he only dish it out but not take it?

Please don't tell me that he refuses to dignify her comments. You have to start with some dignity to be able to say that.

Tulsan said...

I had to doublecheck myself on whether Rush ever mentioned the beating he took from Sykes.

Sure enough, in a search of his web site, there was only one mention of her name, in 2007.

But I'm sure Rush is brooding on the matter and wants to unload a witticism like calling her "Wanda Dykes."

The only problem with that is that she will fire back in kind. So he may cool it.

Tulsan said...

MotW: "...the only people in the GOP who give a flying Mongolian you-know-what about what either John McCain or his relatives think are the people who managed to get him nominated despite roughly two-thirds of the Republican Party in vast swaths of the country not wanting him."

You make it sound as if McCain and his people hornswoggled and hijacked their way to the nomination.

I think I called it pretty well here on AltTulsa, January 11, 2008 (ten months before the general election):

"McCain, despite his out-of-date 'maverick' label, is a 'go along to get along' guy---he would have to be if he could publicly give Bush a big hug after the vicious 'black baby' push-polling orchestrated by Rove against him in 2000. He doesn't have the big GOP negatives of Rudy or Mitt.

"I think GOP support is beginning to coalesce around McCain as the default candidate."

I would say that was an accurate statement in retrospect.

Thompson, for all the heralding of him as the second coming of Reagan, proved to be a weary and uninspiring candidate.

Huckabee's lock on the evangelical vote was overmatched by his extremely poor numbers with independents. (His hardline evangelicism was the reason for those poor numbers.)

So there you go.

Tulsan said...

I've made every comment but one in this thread, so why rest on my laurels now?

I just mentioned the touting of
Thompson by the GOP faithful and how they built a castle of expectation on a base of wish fulfillment fantasy.

I would note that the same dynamic was in evidence when Palin appeared on the scene. The GOP and even much of the media was wowed by her speech at the convention.

Another castle built on sand; there surely has never been a more ridiculous and ignorant nominee for any major office. I'd love to hear about him if there is such a person. Dan Quayle looks like Abe Lincoln by comparison.

Both episodes are symptomatic of the GOP's bad habit of living in a delusional fantasy world of their own making. I don't think they've learned their lesson yet. But that doesn't sadden me. I'd love to see them run all "true conservatives" like Palin in the next elections. A few more beatings may (or may not) snap them out of it.

Tulsan said...

Speaking of fantasy worlds, Josh Marshall of TPM just referred to:

"...this meeting and vote the RNC is holding on Wednesday to vote and decide whether to officially designate the Democratic party as "socialist." I'm glad they're focusing on the things that are going to bring their party back to power. I haven't seen a nugget that so perfectly typifies the current GOP's mix of ideological obscurantism and dingbat sloganeering as this. I mean, they're not even in the bubble. They're like in a bubble within the bubble. They can't even emerge into the bubble proper."

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