Friday, May 1, 2009

Oklahoma Historian Davis Joyce Talks about 'Alternative Oklahoma'

Davis Joyce has been busy lately promoting his recent book, Alternative Oklahoma: Contrarian Views of the Sooner State (OU Press, 2007).

Joyce talks about the Sooner state's radical and populist past in a broadcast interview with host Amy Goodman on the Democracy Now website. You can view the video and read the transcript of Joyce's talk here.

Joyce, professor emeritus of history at East Central University in Ada, put together a volume of 14 essays that offer a radically different view of Oklahoma history and politics.

The selections include essays about Oklahoma Vietnam veterans against the war, Native American rights, economic history and poverty in Oklahoma, and even a piece on liberal Presbyterianism (who knew?) in Soonerland.

For Tulsa readers, there's also piece by Tulsa Unitarian Universalist minister Marlin Lavanhar titled, "Tulsa: A Divinely Inspired City."

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