Thursday, June 5, 2008

Sen. Inhofe Advertises His 'Porkability'

Former Tulsa mayor and current U.S. Sen. Jim Inhofe likes to think of himself as a tough fighter for Oklahoma's conservative voters. In fact, Inhofe's new television ad plays up the senator's stubbornness in Washington, where he says he stands up proudly for the Sooner state. 

But there's another, more accurate, way to look at the senator's achievements in Washington: it's all about the pork. Contrary to his tight-fisted image, Inhofe is more than willing to open up the federal pocketbook when it benefits his home state.

In other words, Inhofe is hardly a true fiscal conservative. Indeed, he's a old-fashioned, pork-barrel legislator—the kind of person he likes to pretend he's not. But his ad is a terrific demonstration that he's not what he claims to be. 

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