Monday, June 23, 2008

Tulsa's Global Gardens Plants 'Seeds of Change'

AltTulsa recently became aware of an interesting local non-profit called Global Gardens Tulsa, an organization that gets low-income students involved in science and environmental learning through hands-on gardening. 

According to the Global Gardens website, some goals of the group are to: 

Develop science-based community garden spaces, where the community has ownership of the implementation, progress, and maintenance of the garden. 

Encourage the use of the garden as a central gathering and meeting place for the community.

Teach an all-encompassing curriculum that connects the garden with other disciplines and allows student to connect the learning in the garden to both school learning and real-life experiences.

In practice, this means that the Global Gardens folks have established a garden at Tulsa's Eugene Field Elementary School, where a student named Brenda had this to say about the project:
I like Global Gardens because it is a fun after-school program and not only do we grow gardens but we learn about nature. And I also love Global Gardens because we all get along together. It is like a little community and in the community everyone gets along and everyone is nice to each other and everyone is peaceful. 
We like Brenda's grammar school idealism. And we recommend the good work of Global Gardens Tulsa. For more on the group, see their website here

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