Friday, June 13, 2008

Tulsa Activists Promote City Restoration

Kudos to our friends at Sustainable Green Country, a Tulsa-area group that aims to make northeastern Oklahoma a more livable and interesting place.

AltTulsa was pleased to attend the group's screening of Third Ward TX earlier this week at the Circle Cinema. The film is a documentary about the restoration of an inner city neighborhood in Houston, a project developed and run by artists—yes, artists.

The film showed how a group of visionary Houston artists worked with Third Ward residents to restore and revitalize a neglected and poverty-stricken neighborhood. In a word, it was inspiring.

Notably, the screening attracted a group of about 50, activists who stuck around after the screening to talk about how the ideas in the film might be applied to Tulsa.

Sustainable Green Country
—AT's June selection for Tulsa's best progressive organization.

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