Thursday, June 5, 2008

Rep. Randy Terrill: The Knee-Jerk Republican

AltTulsa spent a few minutes this week with KRMG-AM, Tulsa's poor excuse for a news radio station.

In a story on a judge's order to halt some sections of HB 1804, Oklahoma's immigration law, the KRMG ran a sound bite from the bill's author, Rep. Randy Terrill, a Moore Republican.

Not surprisingly, Terrill blasted the judge's decision, pointing out to KRMG listeners that Judge Robin Cauthron was a Clinton appointee to the federal bench.

Terrill's point: Clinton's liberal judge put her liberal philosophy ahead of Terrill's totally legal bill and the will of Oklahoma's voters.

Damn activist, liberal judges! Look how they thumb their noses at the law.

Only one problem with Rep. Terrill's analysis: He was wrong. Judge Cauthron was appointed by George Bush Sr.

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