Saturday, May 31, 2008

KRMG's Right-Wing Rant of the Week

The AltTulsa team doesn't spend much time with Tulsa's KRGM radio, home of more blather, misinformation and right-wing paranoia than any other media outlet in town.

But we spent a few painful seconds listening to talker Michael Savage earlier this week and we feel compelled to pass along some of the Great Man's wit and wisdom (and we are using those words very, very loosely).

Referring to his political opponents the other night, Savage called them "rat vermin perverts." (No, we are not making this up.) As we recall, he repeated the phrase more than once just to drive home his drivel.

Whatever happened to thoughtful, reasoned discussions of significant political issues?

AT is in favor of free and open political debate, even robust and vigorous debate. But Savage does himself and his right-wing causes no favors when he devolves into grade-school monologues, which seems to be a big part of the Savage act.


Tulsan said...

"KRMG radio, home of more blather, misinformation and right-wing paranoia than any other media outlet in town"

You do much injustice to KFAQ, which is very blather-competitive with KRMG. But "Savage" (AKA Michael Weiner--"The Weiner Nation" would be a more appropriate name for his show) does KRMG proud in the race to air the biggest right-wing dips--ts.

Alternative Tulsa said...

tulsan: Point taken. KFAQ broadcasts a host of wingnuts, but good ole Michael usually takes the cake: more nonsense and right-wing hokum per hour than anywhere else.

Anonymous said...

This is very good to see. I thought I was alone with the view that KRMG was pumping
raw sewage on the airways. I thank God for

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