Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Two Incumbents Fall In Tulsa Council Elections

Incumbents Roscoe Turner and Maria Barnes lost their seats Tuesday in Tulsa city council elections.

Turner, from District 3, and Barnes, from District 4, will be replaced by former councilor David Patrick and newcomer Eric Gomez, respectively.

In District 9, newcomer G.T. Bynum was an easy winner over Phillip Kates. Incumbent Bill Christiansen was easily re-elected in District 8. In District 6, Dennis Troyer beat Kevin Boggs.

The biggest news here is the District 4 race, where Gomez was endorsed by of the Tulsa World and Barnes had supporters such as Tulsa blogger Michael Bates of Batesline.

As usual in Tulsa city elections, voter turnout was pitiful, with only 16,414 votes cast in all the city council elections.


Maria said...

Wow-- that turnout is ridiculous. How can an election even be considered valid when no one shows up to vote? That being said, those who didn't take the time or are so disengaged in the process need to consider what the impact is of their non-involvement. It hurts everyone, but don't worry. They will feel free to complain...

Paul Tay said...

The problem is not really with the voters. The REAL problem is with the candidate.

Elections compete with American Idol, Survivor, and Big Brother for attention. Candidates aren't doing enough to entertain their audiences.

So, Who's Afraid of Santa Claus?