Saturday, April 19, 2008

Irrational Right-Wing Radio Rant of the Week: Teachers Worse than Drug Dealers

AltTulsa has been really busy of late, so we missed some of this week's "lowlights" in right-wing radio.

Our nomination for overheated rhetorical excess this week is Atlanta-based talker Neal Boortz, who went off on the evils of public school teachers, especially those bold enough to organize themselves into a professional group or union.

But we'll let Boortz speak for himself. You make the call:

[T]he single most dangerous entity, group of people in this country right now are teachers unions…. [T]hey do more damage to this country than all the drug pushers together…. If I had a button right now, two buttons—push this button and it gets rid of all the drug dealers; push this button, it get rid of the teachers unions—I'm getting rid of the teachers unions.

Teachers unions? We thought it was the gays. That Sally Kern lied to us!


Dan Paden said...

Teachers unions? We thought it was the gays.

Toss-up. :)

I have a hard time ranking "threats to the country." But I for darn sure would love to see government education out of the picture. When I look at the difference between what we've been able to do with Evil Conservative for 600 bucks or less per year and the generally abominable results gained with government education for multiple thousands of dollars per year per student, I have an awfully hard time seeing government education as something worth keeping.

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Dan Paden said...

I saw that Mr. Boortz noticed that he had been noticed by Media Matters, and had a brief response. I thought you might enjoy it:

Gotta love it. Liberals, you see, react with absolute horror whenever someone attacks their precious government indoctrination centers they call "public schools." It is in these hideous institutions that our children are taught that government is there for them at every turn of their lives from womb to tomb. Government is always there to pick them up when they fall, heal their wounds, and give them safe passage through life. It is in these government "schools" that our children learn that self-reliance is for suckers and dependency on government is the path to true happiness. The people of this country are slowly coming to realize that our children are being ruined by these grotesque institutions, but so long as the teacher's unions remain so politically powerful getting any valid and useful school choice legislation passed is iffy at best.

So .. MediaMorons ... thanks for helping me to highlight the problem.