Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Republicans Bring Dick Cheney to T-town

One of the nation's most unpopular public officials, Vice President Dick Cheney, will be in Tulsa in early May as a guest of the Oklahoma Republican Party.

Cheney's last appearance in Tulsa was a fundraiser for former Tulsa mayor and current U.S. Sen. Jim Inhofe. That Cheney visit brought out a small but vocal group of protesters, people who had the nerve to point out that Cheney has been consistently wrong about, well, almost everything related to Iraq.

Cheney and his always-secretive staff have also been forceful advocates for a pro-torture policies and a host of other apparent violations of civil liberties and international law, not to mention novel but self-serving legal arguments in favor of greater power for the Executive Branch.

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Tulsan said...

There is a large element of American society that loves a tough (or at least, tough-talking) guy, no matter that he is almost always wrong.