Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Oklahoma Statistics: Some Good News in the Numbers (For a Change)

We at AT sometimes take a look at the state's statistical profile, an exercise that often leaves us a tad depressed. The Sooner State often ranks near the bottom of state rankings in such areas as education and public health.

And we're number one is such areas as percentage of women in prison, a statistic that's hard to crow about.

That's why we're pleased to report that Oklahoma has a low ranking in DUI fatalities, a figure that's actually very good. According to the National Highway Traffic Administration, Oklahoma's percentage of traffic fatalities involving drunken drivers is 26 percent, one of the lowest figures in the nation.

Some comparisons: Missouri, 35 percent; Kansas, 29, percent; Texas, 39 percent, Arkansas, 30 percent.

On the other hand, Oklahoma compares poorly with the nation's leader in this deadly statistic: Our Mormon friends in Utah come in at 19 percent.

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