Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Right-Wing Nutcase Quote of the Week

This week's winner is the always inflammatory Ann Coulter, a winger so shrill and unhinged that she routinely resorts to evidence-free exaggerations to score political points.

Commenting on Democratic candidate Barack Obama's book, Dreams from My Father, Coulter couldn't resist an amazingly nonsensical comparison:
Has anybody read this book? Inasmuch as the book reveals Obama to be a flabbergasting lunatic, I gather the answer is no. Obama is about to be our next president: You might want to take a peek. If only people had read 'Mein Kampf' ....

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Tulsan said...

You've almost got to admire the games the right-wing elite play with the right-wing plebeians' heads.

They trot out a Coulter, reeking and shrieking with illogic. But it is done with the winking assurance that it is kind of a joke, that it is just to get the liberals riled up. And the plebes buy it, loving the idea of being in on the joke, being an insider.

The only problem: the joke is on the swill-lapping plebes. What they are buying and voting for advances the elite's cause, not the plebes'. But they love being inside so much, they fail to notice that they are getting screwed. And screwed, and screwed.

Maybe they aren't too bright. Or maybe their need to identify with the group overrides their intelligence.