Saturday, April 5, 2008

Oklahoma Politicos Pushing Their Books

Former Oklahoma Rep. Mickey Edwards was in Tulsa yesterday promoting his new book, Reclaiming Conservatism: How a Great Political Movement Got Lost and How It Can Find Its Way Back (Oxford University Press, $21.95).

Edwards, who represented Oklahoma in Washington for some 40 years, is a former national chairman of the American Conservative Union and a founding trustee of the conservative Heritage Foundation. More recently Edwards has been teaching at Harvard and Georgetown.

Despite his years as a conservative leader, Edwards has been dismayed by recent developments in the conservative movement, especially the Bush Administration's "threat to the Constitution and its myriad protections."

Former Oklahoma Sen. David Boren is also out with a new book, A Letter to America, and was in Tulsa recently promoting his work. Boren's book was published by the OU, where Boren serves at president.

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Tulsan said...

Edwards is pointman for the "wingnut welfare" Heritage Foundation, trying to save the Republican brand. No doubt he will be doing all the talk shows, making the case that what we have witnessed over the past years from Bush, Cheney and the GOP-dominated Congress is not "real" conservatism.

Maybe "real" communism didn't get a fair shake, either. That's what the die-hard believers say anyway.

Then again, maybe hard ideology is just a good cover story for the usual freedom-crushing dictatorship. It keeps "intellectuals" busy thinking that "progress" is being made while the usual suspects loot the treasury.