Saturday, December 1, 2007

Truth, Lies & the Demise of Karl Rove

For those of you keeping score, the sorted legacy of Karl Rove and his lies continues to grow. This week, for instance, Rove alleged that the Democrats were the ones who rushed the nation into an unpopular and ill-advised war.

It was a lie so bold that even Rove's friends have contradicted the man. Here's a quick summary from our friends over at Talking Points Memo:

Since then, there's been one thing everyone, on both sides of the aisle, can agree on: Rove is lying. Then-Senate Majority Leader Tom Daschle said Rove either has "a very faulty memory, or he's not telling the truth," a sentiment echoed by then-House Minority Leader Dick Gephardt's office.
Rove's former colleagues are just as blunt. Former White House Chief of Staff Andy Card not only said Rove is wrong, but added, [S]ometimes his mouth gets ahead of his brain." Former White House Press Secretary Ari Fleischer concluded, "I think Karl in this instance just has his facts wrong."


Dan Paden said...

Okay, now, gents, this is one of those instances where putting in a link to what you were talking about would have been helpful. Here 'tis, if anyone's interested.

No doubt, all the commentary on this makes Karl Rove look bad. Speaking as someone who has no particular love for the way Rove does things (I think his tactics have badly damaged the Republican Party for a long time to come), I have to note two things: the transcripts of the conversation make it look very much as though Mr. Rove is throwing out something of a teaser for an upcoming book, which makes you wonder if possibly, just possibly, there is more to this story than is currently apparent, and second, as long as Mr. Rove isn't in an advisory position to the next Republican president, it just seems weird that anyone would give a rat's patoot what he says. It's kind of like I don't give a rip what Jimmy Carter says, as long as no one in power's listening to him.

And dadgummit, just as I was about to post this comment, your next post comes up with a rather interesting headline, and there's no link to that one, either! Just "one of your favorite blogs."

I know Blogger fairly well. It's a two-second process to make a link. C'mon, give a guy a break...

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