Friday, December 21, 2007

Romney's Stories Don't Pass the Truth Test

Our nomination for the Political Headline of the Day as found on The Huffington Post website:
The Man Who Can't Get His Lies Straight
The man is Mitt Romney and the lies concern two stories he has told about his and his father's engagement in the civil rights movement. In a speech earlier this month, Romney said he "saw" his father, Michigan Gov. George Romney, march with Martin Luther King, Jr., the famed civil rights leader.

But fact-checkers have challenged this claim and now Romney has admitted that he used the word "saw" only a figurative sense. (That's exactly what we thought! We always use "saw" figuratively, never literally. Who would?) 

To make matters worse
for Mitt, the Boston Globe is reporting that in a 1978 interview with the paper, Mitt claimed that he and his father had marched with King. A Romney spokesman has acknowledged that this statement was also untrue.

The civil rights issue is a tricky one for Romney, member of a prominent Mormon family, because the LDS church did not allow blacks to serve in church leadership until 1978.


Dan Paden said...

The pitiful part is that I agree with you on this one. Romney, in my opinion, can't be trusted.

Sheesh. The only thing that gives me any hope for '08 is that your pack of clowns is even worse than our pack of clowns.

gary said...

Witnesses say he did march

Tulsan said...

Dan, according to the polls, it seems we like our clowns a whole lot more than you like your clowns.

Dan Paden said... seems we like our clowns a whole lot more than you like your clowns.

All that means is that y'all's political sensibilities lack refinement. :)

Tulsan said...

The bad news just keeps coming for Romney. Here is the Concord Monitor's anti-endorsement of him as a phony.