Monday, December 17, 2007

Some in Midtown Tulsa Still Powerless

A full week after a major ice storm hit Tulsa and northeastern Oklahoma, some midtown Tulsans are still dark.

It's not for lack of trying. PSO and many hundreds of out-of-state workers are still on the job, but the job remains a big one.

The sun returned Sunday and remains out today, which helps our morale. Then again, our power returned Saturday. Now, thank goodness, we can relax at home, warm and cozy. "Normal" never felt so good.

We feel for our many friends and neighbors still suffering because of the ice. With PSO's continued work and a little luck, maybe tonight will be the last night of darkness in midtown.


Maria said...

Yup. Still no power at 21st and Harvard... AEP/PSO says 6 pm tonight. I'm not holding my breath.

Alternative Tulsa said...

Maria: This is taking far too long. We know repairs and tree cutting take time and we do see progress, but you're into your second week without power. And we know several others in midtown who are still dark. At least the temperatures are warming, a small consolation.