Thursday, December 20, 2007

Eating Christmas Crow: KFAQ Retracts DelGiorno's Comments

Tulsa radio's former morning blabber, Michael DelGiorno, moved his right-wing act to Nashville several months ago, but he's still making headlines in Tulsa.

The Tulsa World reports today that DelGiorno's former employer, KFAQ, has retracted some statements DelGiorno made about City Councilor Bill Christiansen.

The retraction comes as part of a settlement of the 2005 defamation lawsuit brought by Christiansen against DelGiorno and KFAQ's owner, the Journal Broadcast Group. The settlement requires that the station "must air a retraction for 10 business days acknowledging that untruths were made repeatedly and offering an apology to Christiansen," the paper reported.

The settlement ends Christiansen's lawsuit, which had been slated for trail on Jan. 7.

The settlement also reflects poorly on DelGiorno and his daily rants on KFAQ. Steve Peters, Christiansen's lawyer, told the World he thought "KFAQ recognized that maybe the initial story they got from Mr. DelGiorno was not true."

Christiansen was more direct: "I think the retraction is clear that [DelGiorno] did, in fact, lie about me, over and over again."

Happy Holidays, Michael. You might enjoy some festive eggnog with your Christmas crow.


Tulsan said...

The holier-than-thou Del Giorno racked up quite an ungodly record in Tulsa.

He brought a winning lawsuit on his employer with his deliberate public lies.

He defaulted on his expensive house.

He got caught cheating and was banned for life from a casino (and proved himself a consummate hypocrite in the process.) He added some sexual harassment to his tab, too.

He was a dumb and offensive talk show host.

I'm glad he is stinking up Nashville instead of Tulsa.

Maria said...

I'm glad he is gone, but I do almost kind of feel bad for the people of Nashville.

Tulsan said...

You're right, I should't have dumped on that fair city.