Sunday, December 2, 2007

New Poll Shows Huckabee's Rise in Iowa: Has the Right Found Its Man?

Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee is shaking up the Republican establishment. A new poll by the Des Moines Register shows Huckabee—thought to be a long shot at best—leading the Iowa field at 29 percent, ahead of Romney at 24 percent and Giulaini at 13 percent.

Poor Hollywood Fred Thompson, supported by some prominent Oklahoma Republicans, remains the political season's biggest disappointment, coming in at only 9 percent.

For Huckabee, the downside of his rise in the polls is the new and mostly unwelcome attention being paid to his record in Arkansas.

From the reports we're reading, some folks in Little Rock have their knives out for the good Rev. Mike.

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Dan Paden said...

Has the right found its man?

Possibly. Still too early to tell, in my opinion. But I'll tell you my thinking on Huckabee so far, and you can ponder amongst yourselves as to whether it's representative.

On social issues--abortion, homosexual super-rights, etc--Huckabee is very strong.

On illegal immigration, he is weak at best, disastrous at worst.

On taxation and government growth: mixed. Could be better, but could also be much worse.

On national security: probably tolerable.

Huckabee's strong support of the Fair Tax goes a long way toward making his record on taxes more palatable. If he were to come out for a real border fence and proper border control, my feeling is that I would be willing to look at assimilating the illegals already here. Not saying I'm excited about that, mind you, but I am aware that politics is largely the art of deal-making.

The principle problem with the Republican field this time is that each of the candidates seems to have some attractive strength, but none of them have all of them, which is forcing people to choose what's most important to them. In my case, while border enforcement is a high priority, as is controlling government spending, as is taxation, the number one issue is abortion. Huckabee appears to have the strongest position in this area, and if I can get the Fair Tax and at least a promise of a real fence, that would probably be enough to seal the deal on my end.

If I can't get at least the promise of a fence--well, Fred Thompson also has--generally speaking--a good record on abortion, and he is stronger on illegal immigration, might end up being Thompson after all.

Still decidin'. Don't go worryin' about it too much. Looks like your field ain't firmly set, neither.