Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Ice Storm Update: Work Crews On the Job, Thank Goodness (and PSO)

After two more days of cold gray skies, streets crowded with broken branches and downed power lines, and still no electric power, we are pleased to report out-of-state work crews in Brookside and midtown Tulsa. 

The workers we met were from Louisiana and Texas. Thanks for helping, ladies and gentlemen! 

No, the power's not on yet, but there are definite signs of progress. Shades of Brown and some other businesses on Peoria were lit up tonight. Ditto Cherry Street, where at least a few businesses were open and busy. 

Next, we're ready for good ole normalcy! 


Maria said...

I spotted some trucks from Mississippi this morning, but they were headed towards south Tulsa. I am still in the mid-town dark too.

Alternative Tulsa said...

Maria: Sorry you too are dark and cold. We remain powerless (in more ways than one, it seems) as well as of Thursday afternoon. Maybe later today, or tomorrow, mid-town will light up again. Let's hope so.

Maria said...

Yeah, I swung by at lunch, but still no power. I am getting kind of bitchy about it too...Not mad at any people, but just frustrated with the situation. I am hoping for power sooner than later.

Good luck!