Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Update: Sen. Coburn's White House Speculation Nixed for Now

As we noted yesterday, The American Spectator published an unattributed piece that Oklahoma's Tom Coburn might be considering a run for the Republican presidential nomination.

Today, thanks to the Tulsa World, we learn that the magazine's speculation is simply, well, speculation. The World is reporting that Sen. Coburn is absolutely not "mulling" a run for the White House.

The World's report makes sense to us. As we said yesterday, Sen. Coburn's chances in a national political campaign are slim to none. Besides, we see today that television star and former Tennessee senator Fred Thompson is making serious noises about running for the GOP nomination.

Unlike Sen. Coburn, Thompson has name recognition. After all, he's an actor—just like the patron saint of modern American conservatism, Ronald Reagan.

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Anonymous said...

Coburn voluntarily left Congress after only three terms, had to be drafted to run for the Senate, and has promised to serve no more than two terms. It seems unlikely that he would have any interest in running for President. It seems the only job he really likes is being a doctor and the Senate ethics committee won't even allow him to practice medicine. Maybe he would run for President if being commander in chief allowed him to deliver babies too?