Saturday, May 26, 2007

New in Print: Congressman Cunningham's Corruption Chronicled in 'The Wrong Stuff'

Rep. Randy "Duke" Cunningham was a Vietnam war hero. On one amazing day as a Navy fighter pilot, he shot down three enemy airplanes.

Unfortunately for Duke Cunningham, this remarkable achievement will not be his legacy. Instead, Duke Cunningham will go down in history as one of the most corrupt congressman in history.

Cunningham's path from war hero to corrupt politician is chronicled in a new book by four San Diego reporters. The Wrong Stuff: The Extraordinary Saga of Randy "Duke" Cunningham, the Most Corrupt Congressman Ever Caught, was published earlier this month by Public Affairs.

In the book, reporters Marcus Stern, Jerry Kammer, Dean Calbreath, and George Condon explain how Cunningham funneled congressional "earmarks" to defense contractors of his own choosing. The contractors went on to "take care" of their favorite congressman, "care" that included a lavish million-dollar home, a yacht, expensive food and wine, and—yes!—women (prostitutes, in this case).

Did we mention that Cunningham is a proud California Republican?

Find out more about Cunningham and the whole culture of congressional corruption in The Wrong Stuff, available on line and at your local bookstore (we recommend Steve's Books on Harvard in midtown Tulsa).

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