Friday, May 11, 2007

Farmers' Markets Going Strong in Eastern Oklahoma

Tomorrow is Saturday, of course, which means that the area's farmers' markets will be busy, especially if the skies stay clear.

We like to start many of our Saturdays with a hot cuppa Joe and a visit to the Cherry Street Farmer's Market at 15th and Peoria. One of the regular vegetable vendors there is Three Spring Farm, owned by Emily Oakley and Mike Appel. Their all-organic operation is some miles east of Tulsa in the tiny Cherokee County burg known as Oaks.

We were pleased to see Emily and Mike featured last Saturday in the "Scene" section of the Tulsa World. Reporter Kim Brown explained the benefits of organic gardening, including benefits to the land itself. Judging from the photos, the Three Springs duo is doing their part to "feed the soil" with compost while also feeding their plants—and their customers.

As Brown's article notes, gardening in Oklahoma can be challenging because of the weather. That's why we're glad that Mike and Emily and many other local growers are showing up every week at the area's many farmers' markets.


Amy Morris said...

Please, so happy to see you write about Mike and Emily and Three Springs Farm. Even though I have been faithfully eating their wonderful produce since day one, my old eyes can not possibly read that small purple print on green. Can you work on those colors? Even with my magnifying glass these old eyes are failing me!

Many thanks,


Alternative Tulsa said...

Hi Amy: Thanks for your comments. We've taken your suggestion and enlarged the type and lightened the background. Maybe this will help you and others with "old eyes." (We can relate!)