Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Is Coburn Planning a White House Bid? Conservative Magazine Speculates That He Might

The "Washington Prowler" column in today's The American Spectator magazine says that Sen. Tom Coburn is "mulling an entry" into the Republican presidential race.

According to the magazine, Coburn is "receiving encouragement from a small group of wealthy businessmen and philanthropists in the Oklahoma-Kansas-Texas region of the country."

The Spectator quotes an unidentified Coburn adviser who says the senator has no timetable or "fundraising imperative" now, but is considering entering the race. "What's important for him is that there is no other true, Reagan conservative in the race, and he thinks he can fill that void," the adviser told the magazine.

"He's all about faith, lower taxes, and staying the course in Iraq," the adviser said.

Could it be? Could Oklahoma's junior senator really make it to the White House?

In a word: No.

Coburn's name recognition is nil outside of Oklahoma and certain conservative circles. And even with some high-rolling supporters in this region, the senator would face major fundraising obstacles as well. Beyond that, there are also a number of statements the senator has made and positions he's staked out over the years that won't serve him well in a national election.

For starters, as noted above, he's for staying the course in Iraq, something opposed by about 70 percent of American voters today.

Still, a Coburn candidacy could be interesting. Stay tuned.

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T Town Tommy said...

I watched the talking heads on the news programs this last Sunday morning. Many names where kicked around for a dark horse last minute presidential candidate. The one thing they all agreed upon is if your not in the race by this June then fund raising would be impossible for any serious bid. I totally agree with your analysis Coburn is a non-contender.