Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Medblogged Update: No News is Good News

Chris Medlock was once an active Tulsa blogger. His website, Medblogged, was essential reading for a certain kind of grassroots Tulsa activism. Even when he was wrong—which was often—Medlock was worth a quick read.

But no more. A recent check of Medblogged shows that the former city councilor and current radio talker has fallen silent in recent weeks. His last post, in fact, was April 15, an eternity in blogosphere terms. Even in March, well before he started his radio gig, Medlock's posts had dwindled to a precious few.

Medblogged is so out of date that, as of today, it still advises Tulsa listeners to tune in for Medlock's regular appearances on KFAQ's Michael DelGiorno show. (MDG is long gone, however, having sought greener pastures for his holier-than-thou injunctions in Nashville.)

Medblogged was also scooped by, well, us. AltTulsa noted Medlock's promotion from the blogs to the airwaves a few weeks back. Medblogged has yet to do so.

Note to Tulsa bloggers: You know you're falling behind when you can't keep up with your own news.

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