Friday, May 4, 2007

Irony Alert: Disgraced Conservative Activist Now Represents Bible Reading Group

Former hustler and conservative journalist Jeff Gannon, whose real name is James Guckert, is back in the headlines.

Gannon became infamous the first time for asking softball questions and spouting Republican talking points at White House news briefings. Gannon's easy questions and his partisan news outlet, a right-wing website called GOPUSA, raised a host of questions among members of the White House press corps.

In time, Gannon's shady background became public. Before he became a right-wing reporter, Gannon was a "hot body" on a gay-themed website called Soon enough, photos appeared. Needless to say, Gannon's White House reporting career and the right-wing news site he worked for disappeared.

But Gannon resurfaced this week as organizer of a National Day of Prayer event in Washington. As the Washington Post reported, Gannon is now a spokesman for the International Bible Reading Association, which organized an event this week as part of National Day of Prayer.

The Post asks an interesting question: How did Gannon get from to the conservative press corps to the Bible Reading group? Like the Post, we're stumped.

One final point: According to the Post, Gannon's prayer event was not well attended. We can't image why.

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