Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Tulsa Bloggers: Less Than Meets the Eye

If you've been monitoring Tulsa's blogsphere lately, you know that TPS School Board candidate Brenda Barre was a big favorite among the local cyber-typers. Barre, a retired Booker T. Washington High School teacher, got hearty endorsements from several local blogs, including Bounded Rationality and Tulsa Chiggers.

You'd think the blogs would carry some weight. Yet when the votes were tallied Tuesday night, Barre came up short, losing to incumbent Gary Percefull by 37 votes. Of course, Barre might have lost by a much greater margin had she not received support from the bloggers.

Nevertheless Barre lost, evidence that the Tulsa blogosphere has less political clout than some of us imagine. Same goes for Chris Medlock, one-time blogger, former Tulsa city councilor and recent candidate for the state legislature. He lost too.

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