Thursday, February 1, 2007

Sen. Inhofe's Head: Firmly Stuck in Red Dirt

Some states have enlightened political leaders, men and women who take courageous positions and actually know what they are talking about.

Oklahoma—alas!— is not one of those states. The latest evidence for the poor state of the Our State's leadership comes from Tulsa's own former mayor, Sen. Jim Inhofe.

The good senator turned up on MSNBC the other night, "winning" third place in the "Worst Person in the World" contest:

Senator James Inhofe of Oklahoma gets the bronze. At a meeting of most of the senators to discuss global warming, his fellow Republicans Gregg and McCain agree it’s a real thing and a threat. Mr. Inhofe insists it’s just an Al Gore campaign platform plank: "He thinks that’s his ticket to the White House."

That's right, fellow Tulsans: Not only is Sen. Inhofe is increasingly out of the loop concerning environmental science (even among Republicans), he's still trying to keep Al Gore out of the White House.

Memo to Sen. Inhofe: Gore is not a candidate for the presidency. Last time he ran was six years ago.

MSNBC host Keith Olbermann followed up by asking a rhetorical question about Sen. Inhofe: "Where do we get these guys?"

Unfortunately, Tulsans know all too well where these guys come from: Right here in River City.

P.S.—Inhofe also turned up as the butt of a joke on The Cobert Report on the same night as his "Worst Person" award. Needless to say, it's a bad sign when your state's senior senator is featured on the Comedy Central network.

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