Saturday, February 10, 2007

The Republican War on Science, Continued (Dinosaur Gas Edition)

Science is a great thing. It's revolutionized modern life in areas as immediate as electronics, transportation and communication, and on subjects as theoretical and obscure (at least to us) as astrophysics and microbiology.

But leave it to our friends in the GOP to turn science into a speculative guessing game where every half-baked notion (intelligent design, anyone?) deserves equal billing with empirical evidence and actual scientific data.

The latest nominee for the "Sen. Jim Inhofe Don't-Confuse-Me-With-the- Facts-Because-My-Mind's-Made-Up Prize" is California Rep. Dana Rohrabacher, who this week blamed the earth's heating and cooling cycles on—drum roll please!—"dinosaur flatulence."

Yes, Cowboys and Cowgirls, dinosaur flatulence!

We know God works in mysterious ways, but unless Rep. Rohrabacher can cite some actual scientific evidence, the "dinosaur gas theory" seems to be something more than a stretch.

Put us down as reasonable folks. If the Congressman can cite some credible science in support of the dinosaur gas thesis, we'll change our minds. Until then, our guess is that global warming these days comes from certain Republican members of Congress.

Think Progress has posted the C-SPAN video of the congressman's comments.

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Joe Shaw said...

Yes sirree, that's my Congressman!!!