Sunday, February 18, 2007

Questions for Oklahoma's Senatorial Whiner

Sen. Tom Coburn will be home this week meeting with his constituents in Claremore, Jay, Grove and Miami. He'll speak Friday in Tulsa at a forum hosted by the Tulsa Metro Chamber of Commerce.

Let's hope a few brave Oklahoma voters ask the good senator about his recent comment that being a senator is a frustrating job. Coburn, a physician, told a Washington interviewer a few weeks ago that he wasn't enjoying his job and just might return to his medical practice.

This sentiment hasn't passed unnoticed around the Sooner state. Today's Tulsa World, for example, included three letters to the editor taking the senator to task for his attitude. One writer nominated Coburn as "Whiner of the Week," an award that seems appropriate.

If Dr. Coburn is so frustrated and unhappy in Washington, both he and the state might benefit by his return to a more productive line of work. Delivering healthy babies is a joyous occasion, after all, and there's no need to work with a Democratic-controlled Senate or a whole state of increasingly unsatisfied voters.

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