Saturday, February 17, 2007

Oklahoma's GOP House Members Fall in Line

As expected, the Sooner State's GOP representatives followed the party line Friday, voting against a symbolic Democratic measure opposing the President's troop surge in Iraq.

Seventeen Republicans crossed party lines in support of the Democratic measure, but no Oklahoman was among them. Tulsa's John Sullivan, never one to stray from party politics, accused the Democrats of playing politics themselves. According to the Tulsa World, Sullivan referred to the resolution as a message of defeat.

Thank goodness for Rep. Dan Boren, the state's only Democratic House member, who voted with other Democrats against the President's plans. For the increasing number of Oklahomans opposed to the war and the Administration's handling of the war, Boren's vote represents a tiny ray of hope for a new strategy in Iraq.

For reasons we can't fathom, Rep. Frank Lucas was the only Oklahoma representative who did not speak on the resolution.

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