Saturday, February 24, 2007

Bristow Farm Offers Organic Food Plan

Nuyaka Natural Farms of Bristow is offering an innovative plan for locally grown, organic food this year.

The idea, called Community Supported Agriculture, works as follows: Customers purchase shares in Nuyaka's 2007 share plan for a fixed amount. The farm, in turn, supplies its members with weekly "shares" from the farm for a 39-week growing season. From April through December, the folks at Nuyaka will supply their members with spinach, basil, onions, cucumbers, melons, peppers, and much more.

The payoff, Nuyaka says, is two-fold. Members get a rich supply of locally grown fruits, herbs and vegetables, while the farm gets a dependable market for their organically produced, earth-friendly agricultural practices.

It's an interesting idea and a great alternative to the mass-produced, industrial farming that fills most grocery shelves. We wish the Nuyaka Natural Farm well. For more information about the farm and membership options, contact them at 918-752-0628 or e-mail nuyakanaturalfarm

Full disclosure: We at AltTulsa do not have a financial interest in Nuyaka nor are we connected with them in any way. We simply like their proposal and think it is a great way to support local farmers. Our information on Nuyaka Farm comes from a brochure we picked up recently at Shades of Brown, our favorite Brookside coffee shop in midtown Tulsa.